Illuminated Lightbox Counter

Standing 1045mm from the floor with a countertop size of 1040mm by 420mm this easily assembled unit has a two-part countertop that is secured using a pair of twist-out top locators and locking screws. Building the unit is intuitive as all the parts are numbered and slots simply together.

Graphics Template:

Illuminated Lightbox Counter WG

Our Illuminated Lightbox Counter has a double-sided lightbox and stylish countertop. Perfect for use in a retail environment, as a conference check-in desk, an exhibition reception desk or for an events meeting point, this versatile unit is simple to deploy with tool-free assembly.

The Counter is illuminated by a set of pre-fitted LED lights that are located at the base. SEG graphics* fit into the frame channel and the power cable inserts under the base. The Counter is designed to be deployed in less than 10 minutes.


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